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Custom tablecloth.

Tell me what you need. You have a rectangular, round, small, long, narrow table …

I can make the tablecloth with the fabric that you like the most.

I just need to know three things:

1- The STYLE you are looking for (plain, prints, bright colors, muted colors, geometric, floral, traditional …)

2 – MEASURES. Tell me the length and width of the table, or the diameter if it is round. To this measurement, I add between 20cm and 30cm, this depends on the measurements and the maximum width of the fabric.

3 – If you want it with anti-stain treatment or not. The anti-stain option I highly recommend, because it is the most practical and comfortable. And the finish looks woven, not plastic like rubber. But that’s up to you.

Send me a message with your preferences. I will contact you and show you the available fabric options and give you a quote, depending on the fabric and size, the price will vary.

The delivery time once we have everything ready will be between 5 and 6 working days.

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