MIREGUCAS: I summarize it in one sentence: Textile accessories for a more beautiful, comfortable and positive life.
All handmade here and for you.

I am Mireia and from my studio in Tiana, Maresme, I design and make each Miregucas product one by one.

I am a lover of beautiful fabrics, sewing accessories and everything you can find in a haberdashery.

I make everything with the utmost care. I prioritize quality in the choice of materials I use and the proximity of local shops.

The project

Miregucas was born by chance, without intending it, they start to make me personalized orders and little by little Miregucas has been growing, for more than 20 years.

Miregucas is craftsmanship in the small daily accessories. All made by hand, with great care and care. I love the color, the life, the joy in the prints, the combinations of beautiful materials.

My creations are very exclusive pieces, limited editions.

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Si If you want to sell Miregucas products, send me an email hola@miregucas.com y and we’ll talk.