mireia guardia miregucas

About me

Behind miregucas you find Mireia Guardia Castrillo. I work at costumes and wardrobe department since 2003. For more than 14 years I have combined my work in the world of costumes for the performing arts and audiovisuals, with my design and clothing studio miregucas.

The feeling of satisfaction when I finish each of my products, is already a big part of my reward. The mere sight of them in the lives of the people who have chosen them, fills me with satisfaction.

The project

Miregucas was born by chance, without expectations. Personalised orders increased and I little by little the miregucas project grew.

Between film shootings, I created small sets of complements that I marketed at the  miregucas OPEN DOORS, my own and exclusive markets, at which people could see, try and buy the new collections. Thus, with the word of mouth, I am grew and, what is more important I evolved and learnt!

Time passed and the experience acquired provided me with the tools to engage to a greater extend with the miregucas project.

Miregucas brings craftsmanship to the everyday life complements. My creations are all handmade, with love and care.

I love the colours, the vividness, the joy in the prints, the combinations of materials …

My creations are absolutely exclusive pieces, tailored in limited editions, but above all they are useful and beautiful products.

The materials

The organic cotton fabric takes the lead role in my creations. Coated to become water-repellent remains very light.

I also use other materials depending on the product: – cotton rolls for cushions covers, rubber and towel for bibs, resin coated-fabrics, leather …

100% miregucas

In addition to the exclusive and personalized designs, miregucas also has the 100% miregucas collection: a unique print that makes every product even more unique.


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